Muay Thai POLE Heavy Bag - Pole or No-Pole - Unfilled only
Muay Thai POLE Heavy Bag - Pole or No-Pole - Unfilled only

Muay Thai POLE Heavy Bag - Pole or No-Pole - Unfilled only

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Pole (with pole insert)
No Pole (no pole insert)

Pole : Includes insert inside for the pole, made to insert in the pole
No Pole: Without pole insert, it will require straight filling, cant be inserted in the pole, ideal if you dont have pole and you can fill the bag bottom to top like other regular heavy bags

Note: Due to oversize shipping dimension and weight, this product can-not be shipped, we can only ship it unfilled, you can fill yourself with some clothing and textile rags etc. Sand is not recommended or you can pick up the FILLED version from our warehouse, please call us 3 business days prior to pick up 


All-purpose heavy bag design develops knee and elbow techniques, power kick and punch combinations, high and low kicks, jabs and other strikes. This heavy bag does not move at all while training due to its weight once filled. Get some heavy beams to hang it from (give bottom part of the heavy bag support from the floor)... or do it the old-school way and mount the bag on a post ... great either way. This heavy bags is also great for those who don't want to have a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling. 

Can be filled between 300 to 400 lbs of used clothing which can be made from rags or used clothing which can be found for a small fee, or sometimes free, at the following locations: a local textile shop, clothing factory, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other discount thrift shop or from your closet, from your family/friends' closets. 

There is no good substitute for having something REALLY heavy and massive to punch and kick. 

Measures 7ft tall and 23 inches in Diameter. 

This bag comes only unfilled because it is oversize or it has to be filled as it is being installed to your pole. If you need this bag to be shipped, please contact us for the filled heavy bag shipping quote. 

• Made of top quality 22oz heavy duty polyester coated vinyl material, this material is more durable than genuine leather. 
• These bags are being used in North American gyms for more than 10 years and still holding up, Excellent quality product
• Triple stitched with heavy duty 6-ply twisted polyester thread
• No chain require hanging this bag, it comes with double layer heavy duty built-in nylon web straps. 
• Leather reinforcement inside where each strap is attached. 
• Zip closure on the top for easy opening and closing if stuffing in the bag packs/settles down after use so you can easily open and add more stuffing. 

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