MiM-Foam Curved Thai Pad
MiM-Foam Curved Thai Pad

MiM-Foam Curved Thai Pad

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Our MiM Foam Cushioned Curved thai pad are the first Thai pad in market with MiM-Foam technology ensuring the safety of trainers and fighters
Best absorption of punches, knees and kicks, some of the best and most innovative thai pad you will ever use. Ideal product to perfect your technique, absorbs shock very well with our special MiM (machine injected molded) foam technology. No shifting or sliding, natural fit for the hand and forearm with triple cushioned neoprene gel material securing the forearm with foam performance stabilizers for the ultimate secure fit, with additional multiple layer foam elbow cushion with air ventilation which provides extra protection for the elbows of holder like no other Thai pads in the market. Ideal protection for receiving knees, elbows, kicks, and punches. Curved anatomical fit. Hook and loop closure. Made of heavy duty durable synthetic leather. Pad shell is closed with heavy duty nylon lace for added durability of the pad
Weighs 2 lbs per pad.
Measures: 13.5 Tall, 6.5” Wide, 3.5” Thick 

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