Japanese Style Training Gloves 2.0 - Leather - Velcro or Lace-Up
Japanese Style Training Gloves 2.0 - Leather - Velcro or Lace-Up

Japanese Style Training Gloves 2.0 - Leather - Velcro or Lace-Up

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Blue (Lace up) 16oz
Black (Velcro) 12oz
Black (Velcro) 14oz
Black (Velcro) 16oz
Black (Velcro) 18oz
Red (Velcro) 12oz
Red (Velcro) 16oz
Blue (Velcro) 12oz
Blue (Velcro) 16oz
White (Velcro) 12oz (+C$25.00)
White (Velcro) 16oz (+C$25.00)
Marine Green (Velcro) 12oz (+C$3.00)
Marine Green (Velcro) 16oz
Purple (Lavender) (Velcro) 12oz
Purple (Lavender) (Velcro) 16oz
Silver (Velcro) 12oz (+C$25.00)
Silver (Velcro) 16oz (+C$25.00)
Gold (Velcro) 12oz (+C$25.00)
Gold (Velcro) 16oz (+C$25.00)
Yellow (Velcro) 12oz
Yellow (Velcro) 16oz
Pink (Velcro) 12oz
Pink (Velcro) 16oz
Black (Lace up) 12oz
Black (Lace up) 14oz
Black (Lace up) 16oz
Black (Lace up) 18oz
Red (Lace up) 12oz
Red (Lace up) 16oz
Blue (Lace up) 12oz
White (Lace up) 12oz (+C$25.00)
White (Lace up) 16oz (+C$25.00)
Marine Green (Lace up) 12oz
Marine Green (Lace up) 16oz
Purple (Lavender) (Lace up) 12oz
Purple (Lavender) (Lace up) 16oz
Silver (Lace up) 12oz (+C$25.00)
Silver (Lace up) 16oz (+C$25.00)
Gold (Lace up) 12oz (+C$25.00)
Gold (Lace up) 16oz (+C$25.00)
Yellow (Lace up) 12oz
Yellow (Lace up) 16oz
Pink (Lace up) 12oz
Pink (Lace up) 16oz

Ring to Cage is proud to re-release our new and improved C-17 2.0 gloves. Made of genuine high grade cowhide leather.  The crown jewel in our vast arsenal of high quality training equipment! These gloves have gone through many stages of development and is the product of hard work, sweat, dedication, and trial and error. We are proud to to finally release them to the public! Any Top Boxer or MMA Fighter would be proud to call these their own. The naysayers, critics, and little barking dogs who doubted that we would be able to pull off such an amazing glove will be silent once they've tried our gloves!

Everything has been improved and redesigned for the better. We have improved our design making them more tapered at the wrist for better support whether you are using our lace up or hook and loop models. The gloves are true to weight and come in 4 different weights, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz & 18oz models that will take any abuse subjected to them. Our heavy duty nylon lining is even thicker, durable, and more comfortable than our previous 1.0s. We have also provided the user with 1.5” of the best impact absorbing foam combination seen in any training glove. These are hands down the best training gloves on the market. Many have tried and many have failed to produce a glove of this quality. Ring to Cage brings you the best training equipment money can buy. Period!

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