Angle Punching Bag - 4ft
Angle Punching Bag - 4ft

Angle Punching Bag - 4ft

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  • This bag offers variety of punch areas to choose from, you can throw straight punches, hooks, uppercuts and body shots.
  • Weighs 60 lbs. and measures 46" tall. x 18" diameter for upper part. x 13.5" diameter for lower part
  • Made of top quality 22oz heavy duty polyester coated vinyl material, this material is more durable than genuine leather.
  • Triple stitched with heavy duty 5-ply twisted polyester thread
  • Metal D-Rings - High Quality- Welded Steel D-Rings. Also comes with Heavy Duty heavy bag chain and swivel
  • Leather reinforcement inside where each D-Ring is attached
  • This heavy bag does not come with cheap zipper closure on top, It has Unique lace-up closing system on top of the bag which is durable than any other heavy bags available on the market, so no worry of RING TO CAGE branded punching bag to be popped from top as it does not come with any zipper closure. so you can also use this bag as a ground and pound dummy bag for MMA training 

Also available Filled (Ready to use) and Un-Filled (Empty). 

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